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The Business of Language

About Ken

Business Voice Coaching is about much more than simply how a person sounds – it's about creating the total voice of your business.

It's about the unique combination of everything that you, your team and your business has to say … every way that you say it and everyone that you say it to.

I've been a professional communicator for 3 decades and a coach since 1999.

My specialty is the interface between language and emotion and how that affects human behaviour.  This means considering your language (spoken, written and subliminal) and how it all comes together to influence members of your company and your Customers/Clients.

While I'm an Australian-based coach I happily work world-wide to achieve the most competitive voice for my clients’ businesses - what they say, why they say it, how they say it and who they say it to.

I'm also a professional speaker and facilitator having worked with organisations such as the SmartVision International, WSO and ESCWA on regularly sponsored International Road Safety and Smart Urbanism Conferences.

To ensure the quality and integrity of my work I make it a point to only ever work with ten client companies world-wide – so … sometimes it may take a while to make it onto my clients list. I’ll ensure that it is definitely worth it though.

I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting challenges – clients in interesting fields who want to achieve communication excellence and really take their business to a new level.

My basic principles are covered by my books: Happy About Customer Service? Who Killed Customer Care? and Customer with a Capital C. However, every client is given a highly personalised approach, tailored to their unique needs, wants and desires.

More about Ken

Coach – Facilitator – Speaker

Three decades of experience as a communicator has provided me with an unique range of practical experience in communication, presentation and behavioural change. Recognised internationally as a key proponent of the art of communication, my clients include businesses and executives in

• North America
• Europe and United Kingdom
• Africa
• Asia
• Middle East
• Australia

My specialty is the use of the psychological elements of language, and their interface with emotions, to create a unique experience for Customer Service and Client Relationships.

My academic work has examined the links between language, emotions and human behaviour.  This, in combination with my unique personal experience and skill set, positions me as a world class authority on how what we say and the way we say it can change our lives and the lives of the people around us – ultimately leading to our personal and professional success.


2009 - PhD Psychology (VAE)– RdeS, Nancy FRANCE

2008 - Certification in Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Creativity & Critical Conversations, HumaNext, US

2007 - Certification in Laughter Work, Laughter Clubs International (AUSTRALIA)

1985 - Film & Television Production – Producer, MetroTV, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

1980 – 1983 - Diploma of Acting, Sydney Acting School, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

1978 – 1982 - Bachelor of Town Planning, University of NSW, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

1978 – 1979 - Certificate of Acting & Drama, Arts Council of NSW, Sydney, AUSTRALIA

On-going studies in Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Marketing and Language-Thought-Emotional Interface

Business Voice Coach

E. ken@kenwelsh.com
P. +61 (0) 417 258 259
L. @kenwelshcoach

PO Box Q55
Sydney, NSW 1230 Australia

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