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The Business of Language


The Art of Business Voice Coaching is all encompassing.  In order to achieve ultimate success, whether as an individual, a team or a company, we must fine tune every instrument at our disposal:

• the words we use
• the way that we use them
• the people who say them
• the people we say them to
• the energy, enthusiasm and morale of those who use these words
• the metaphors, measures and motivation that we live our lives by
• the passion that we innately possess for everything that we do and everyone that we do it to and with

How I do what I do

I pride myself on providing a small number of exclusive clients with highly personalised service - what one of my clients has referred to as an “a la carte” approach.

I ensure that I have no more than 10 businesses on my client list at any time. Only when I “graduate” a business do I take on a new client.

With each new client I will spend 1-2 weeks with them, as an initial exercise, to determine how good a fit we are for each other. Only after that will we decide on the personalised approach which will best suit their needs, wants and desires. While each approach will be both personalised and highly responsive to their individual circumstances, it is likely to include some of the following basic elements:

• Workshops
• 1-on-1 coaching
• Live listening/side seating
• Pulse checks
• Reviews of calls, chats, emails and any other communication modes employed by the business
• Motivation and energy work
• Role playing
• Laughter work
• Emotional and social intelligence
• Workplace creativity
• Train - the - trainer

Business Voice Coach

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